The List


List as of 25th September 2011 (5years 1 Day to go)

1. Hold a Tarantula
2. Finish off
3. Get Tickets for Radio 1 Big Weekend
4. Go to Australia
5. Learn HTML
6. Brew my own beer
7. Ride bike at least once a week to work in summer
8. Take more photographs
9. See Tinie Tempah in concert
10. Visit the pyramids
11. Run 10K
12. Get feedback to 1000 on eBay
13. Visit the Science Musem London
14. Go Clay pigeon shooting
15. Go to Lands end
16. Go to John o’groats
17. Decorate every room in the house within a year
18. Go to Scotland to see family.
19. Go Deep sea Fishing
20. Have patio doors fitted, and build a patio with decking
21. Do the 5 a day in fruit and veg for month
22. Visit Hells Kitchen
23. See Jimmy Carr live
24. Walk at least 10 Mins a day for 6 months
25. See Lady Ga Ga in Concert
26. Get someone famous to Tweet to you
27. Do 10 sit ups every day for a year
28. Eat a hot dog in NY
29. Vistit Oktoberfest Germany Festival
30. Get a Suntan
31. Get a Degree
32. Fly fish in Loch Ness
33. Watch a space craft / rocket take off
34. Be a member of a TV audience show
35. Run 5K
36. Watch all the James bond movies
37. Blog on at least once a month for a year
38. Tweet on Twitter at least once a month for a year
39. Learn PHP Code
40. Learn Javascript
41. Spend a weekend in New York With Angi
42. Take Karate Lessons
43. Eat @ a Gordon Ramsey Restaurant
44. Meet a white Tiger alive
45. Swim with Dolphins
46. Win the lottery with 4 numbers or above
47. Blow Glass
48. See Chris Moyles Live
49. Take part in a triathlon
50. Stop Drinking beer for 1 Month
51. Finish Off Mobile phone blocker
52. Loose 2.5 stone
53. Learn a foreign language
54. Meet Simon Cowell
55. See the coliseum in Rome
56. Drive along Route 66
57. Not eat meat for a month
58. Attend a Grand Prix
59. Get Married to Angi
60. Collect 101 £1 coins and don’t spend them
61. Collect Nector points for 1 whole year
62. Go fishing and eat my catch
63. Finish collection of guiness book of records
64. Get into the Record books
65. Give Blood
66. Send a message in a bottle
67. Visit the great wall of china
68. Drink only water for a month
69. Cook for more than 10 people at once
70. Look after a bonsai tree
71. Spend New Years eve in time square
72. Get a telescope
73. Watch a football match at wemberly
74. Get 101 people I don’t know to comment on this blog
75. Visit a casino
76. Go paint balling
77. Shave all my hair off for comic relief
78. Get engaged to Angi
79. Buy a mountain bike
80. Visit 10 capital cities
81. Save £100 in copper
82. Drink Guinness in Dublin
83. See Madonna Live
84. Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant
85. Go out with friends at least once every 3 months
86. Touch an Iceberg
87. Sleep under the stars
88. Learn to dance
89. Read a book
90. Grow successfully habanero chillies
91. Complete at least 50 by the end of 2014
92. See Rihanna in Concert
93. Do a CQ Contest
94. Make fresh pasta and cook with it
95. Watch friends series 1-10
96. Build a Nas server for Music
97. Visit Paris
98. Get a Savings account and use it
99. Drive on the Autobahn
100. Win a competition
101. Learn to appreciate wine

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