Nov 272011

Days Done 62

Days to go 1764

Started 11

Completed 4

Amount Left 97


08. Take More Photographs
12. Get Feedback on eBay to 1000
17. Decorate every room in the house within a year
37. Blog on at least once a week
38. Blog on Twitter at least once a week
60. Collect 101 £1 Coins
61. Collect Nector Points for 1 whole year
63. Finish collection of Guinness book of records
74. Get 101 People I don’t know to comment on this blog
81. Save £100 in copper
89. Read a book


  • 34. Be a member of a TV audience show
  • 48. See Chris Moyles Live
  • 90. Grow successfully Habanero chillies
  • 26.  Get someone famous to Tweet to you

Hi Guys,

Sorry for no comments for the past couple of weeks, I have just been really busy with work and creating a new website for Angi. Soon you will be able to see at

Ok I have broke the comment on and on twitter at least every week, need to change the task as sometimes just really busy.

As for the Habanero’s I have pruned back the plants ready for winter to get more fruits next year. This below is the outcome of this year.



As for the famous Tweet, Andi Peters tweeted to a question I sent, see below. I know some people will think he is not famous, but he was to me as I grew up with him and the broom cupboard and Edd the Duck.


Will try to blog more in future and any comments are welcome.

Thanks for looking


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