Oct 302011

Days done 34
Days to go 1792
Started 12
Completed 2
Amount left 99

Started (new)

08. Take More Photographs
12. Get Feedback on eBay to 1000
17. Decorate every room in the house within a year
37. Blog on Theaker.me at least once a week
38. Blog on Twitter at least once a week
60. Collect 101 £1 Coins
61. Collect Nector Points for 1 whole year
63. Finish collection of Guinness book of records
74. Get 101 People I don’t know to comment on this blog
81. Save £100 in copper
89. Read a book
90. Grow successfully Habanero chillies


34. Be a member of a TV audience show
48. See Chris Moyles Live

Hi everyone, thanks for looking again, had 600 views to date and 7 people I don’t know blogged on my site. Newly started this week is 12, 61, 81 and 89. I have had an eBay account for years just need to start using it. Feedback is at 230 so still a way to go yet.

Went to Sainsburys today and now have 365 points, just got to save them now.

Copper count is up to £17.38 but started this last year so it may take 5 years to complete.

As for number 89 Read a book, I was in Costco yesterday and saw Steve Jobs biography, so thought I would give it a go. People who know me will know I do not read.

Thanks for looking


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