Oct 162011

Days done 20
Days to go 1806
Started 7
Completed 2
Amount left 99


17. Decorate every room in the house within a year
37. Blog on Theaker.me at least once a week
38. Blog on Twitter at least once a week
63. Finish collection of guiness book of records
60. Collect 101 £1 Coins
90. Grow successfully habanero chillies (pics below)
Finding Twitter hard, because I don’t have many followers. Follow me on twitter with Simon_Theaker
60. Collect 101 £1 Coins and don’t spend them, to collect 101 £ coins.
34. Be a member of a TV audience show
48. See Chris Moyles Live
About to start
50. Stop drinking beer for a month, (Will start this Monday, Poor Angi)
These were planted from seed back in January 2011

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